The Geological Society of Romania


Constituted March 2nd , 1930

Chapter 1

Purpose, society name, headquarters, duration and structure


            Art. 1 – The society named “Romanian Geological Society” is constituted with the purpose of spreading and developing in Romania geology and connected sciences.

            Art. 2  – The society headquarter is in Bucharest.

            Art. 3 – The duration of the society is unlimited.

            Art. 4 – Any person or association interested in geology or connected sciences, as well as mining sciences in general, can be a member

            Art. 5 – The number of members is unlimited

            Art. 6 – The society of composed of:

  1. a) Honorific members
  2. b) Associate members

            Art. 7 – The admission of associate members will be approved by a committee after the proposal of at least 2 members with more than one year seniority

            Honorific members will be chosen after the proposal of the committee or of at least 20 associate members. Honorific members must be persons with nationally or internationally recognized scientific activity, or persons who contributed in an exceptional manner to promoting the science of geology or connected.

            Member admission, be it honorific or associate, must be confirmed by the general annual assembly, with a number of votes at least equal to half of the number of present members.



Chapter II

Member obligations


            Art. 8 – Each member will pay an entry fee and an annual fee, which will be established yearly by the general assembly.

            For the first year of functioning it is established: 500 lei entry fee and 240 lei annual fee.

            The members who pay at least once a sum of 5000 lei are considered lifetime members.

            Honorific members pay no taxes.

            Art. 9 – Members will receive, after paying the fee, a membership card which will be canceled when they stop being members. The card will be changed every two years.

            Art. 10 – The members who refuse paying the fee or have not payed for the past two years, are considered removed from the society.

            Also excluded from the society, at the proposal of the committee,  will be the members who work against the interest of the society or who are found guilty of deeds incompatible with the member statute.

            The exclusion will be performed by the general assembly







Chapter III

Leadership and administration


            Art. 11 – The leadership and administration of the society will be entrusted to a committee of persons, as such:

            A president

            Two Vice-presidents

            Nine counselors

            A secretary

            A treasurer

            The president or one of the vice-presidents, at lease three counselor members, the secretary and the treasurer must reside in Bucharest.

            Only members of the society can be a part of the committee.

            Art. 12 – The committee is chosen for 3 years by the general assembly, by direct and secret vote, with the majority of votes of the present members. Voting by deputation or proxy is not admitted.

            The voting bureau is formed of 3 counselor members and a secretary and are chosen by draw lots of the old committee members.

            The general assembly will also choose three censors who are not part of the committee and who can only be re-elected once.

            In the case of the committee becoming incomplete during the mandate by resignation or any other cause, it will be completed by co-opting.

            Art. 13 – Five of the committee members are replace yearly by draw lots.

            Any member of the  – The committee can be reelected and unlimited number of times, regardless of his previous attributions.

            Art. 14 – After electing or completing with the five replaced members. The committee chooses every year the president and organizes itself by the proceedings from Art. 11.

            Art. 15 – The committee establishes the activity schedule of the society, runs the publications, budget and administers the wealth. He is responsible for the proper administration of the society’s wealth.

            Art. 16 – The annual budget of the society must be approved by the general assembly, with 2/3 of the present members.

            Art. 17  – The social signature is entrusted to the president and the secretary or treasurer. In the absence of the president, a vice-president can sign in his name.



Chapter IV

Society assemblies


            Art. 18 – The society will assemble:

  1. a) For monthly scientific meetings, except July, August, September and October.
  2. b) For annual scientific reunions, preferably in different locations in the country or abroad. The date and the place for these reunions will be established at the meeting before it.
  3. c) During the general assembly, once every year, in February. During this assembly, the activity report and society status will be presented, the censors’ report will be ratified and the committee will be discharged of duty for the previous year, the budget will be voted for the next year, the members will be ratified and the committee chosen. The convening of the members will be achieved by the president at least 15 days before, through invitations and publicity, showing also the agenda.
  4. d) In extraordinary meetings, as needed.

            The extraordinary meeting is convened 30 days before by the president or one of the vice-presidents, after a motivated request, signed by at least 20 society members. It can modify the statute.

            Art.. 19 – General and extraordinary assemblies are valid, at the first convene, if half of the members are present and, at the second, whatever number of members are present.

            Art. 20 – The decisions of the general assembly must be met with majority of votes, except for the budget, statute modifications and exclusions from the society, which must be voted with 2/3 of the present members.


Chapter V

Society publications


            Art. 21 – The society will publish a bulletin which can be joined with one of the existing domain publications.

            The society’s publications will be issued under the supervision of a redaction committee, assigned by the committee, constituted of a chief-redactor and two members, and will be guided by a special regulation.

            Art. 22 – The society members will receive the bulletin in the account of the fee.



Chapter VI

Society income


            Art. 23 – Society income are constituted of:

  1. a) Entry fees and membership fees
  2. b) Publication selling benefits
  3. c) Donations


Chapter VII



            Art. 24 – In the case of dissolution, an extraordinary assembly will decide the destination of the society’s wealth.

            Art.. 25 – The excluded members cannot claim either the payed fees or the part of the society’s wealth.

            Art. 26 – By derogation from the statute, an initiative committee of 40 members is formed, which will proceed to choose the first committee of the society.

            Art. 27 – In the first year of functioning, the proposal for the membership can be raised by two of the initiative committee members.