Who we are

The Geological Society of Romania is, by status, a nongovernmental and non-profit organization, with 89 year tradition, funded by Ludovic Mrazec in 1930, preparing to become:

  • a place for as many people as possible;
  • an institution opened towards the civil society – informing about the Planet’s life;
  • a professional society to connect with other societies of the same profile in the country and abroad and to be present at the national and international scientific reunions through its elite members;
  • an active association where geoscientists and students studying the Earth Sciences can debate regularly matters they are handling and where they want to pursue a career;
  • a “club” for students to find information about jobs and professional orientation;
  • a “window” to geological places from other continents;
  • a space where they can be motivated or rediscover the world of field trips.