Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct, also considered the ethic code, comprises the set of rules to which all members adhere and engage to mutually respect through annual payment of the membership fee.

  1. Members have an honest behaviour, respectful and professional while practising their job or while expressing their opinion in public.
  2. While expressing their opinions / conclusions, the members are encouraged to be honest and to consider all published and unpublished data to which they have access.
  3. For avoiding suspicions of plagiarism, the sources of information will be fully cited. Declarations or publications which are based on false in documents, erroneous information or selected to support a specific point of view, will be excluded from the Society’s publications.
  4. Results need to be presented separately from the interpretation, and the conclusions to be formulated unbiased. It is recommended to declare the potential effects of your study results, and, after case, potential recommendations.
  5. While expressing their opinion in public, it is members’ duty to mention the personal character of the declarations based on a rigorous research and their experience.
  6. Any member which is willing to express the Geological Society of Romania’s point of view, must consult the Director Committee beforehand. Contrarily, any member publicly expressing an opinion in the Society’s name, without previous approval from the Director Committee, it is considered to have prejudice the Society’s interest and prestige, followed by a direct sanction: withdrew of the membership quality.
  7. Corporate memberships cannot express opinions in the name of the Society, due to the potential conflict of interests. The Society can consult the corporate members for the topics of relevance in which it expresses an opinion.